Ann Meas is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She received her Master's Degree in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin in Whitewater. Ann's work history began in Wisconsin at a community counseling center where she worked with clients of all ages. She also worked at an inpatient psychiatric hospital working with adolescents and adults. Ann has also worked as a family educator teaching classes in parenting, self-esteem, and relationship skills. From her experience, Ann’s true passion emerged. Her goal is helping clients become strong, healthy and interconnected with the significant people in their lives. She believes that our greatest learning and self-understanding comes from our families, who teach us how to be in relationship with ourselves and others. Sometimes when we didn’t get what we needed in our families to learn to be our true authentic selves and we need help to come to a deeper knowing of who we truly are. Ann loves helping people learn to deepen their connection with themselves which is the prerequisite of connection to others. Ann loves working with children through play therapy. Play is the language of children and through play, children show us their world. By joining the children in their world, Ann helps them make sense of what is troubling them. The symptoms we see in our children is their way of letting us know that something in their world isn’t making sense. As she begins to understand their world, she can help them understand themselves and deepen their connection to themselves. Ann loves helping parents through this process by helping them understand how to strengthen their connection with their children. Ann’s ultimate goal is to help families thrive. Ann loves working with children, adolescents and young adults. As we begin to emerge into our separate identities wondering who we are, we sometimes need help in understanding and knowing ourselves. The basis of all of Ann’s work is helping clients deepen their connection to their true authentic self.

Buddy joins Ann in animal assisted therapy when appropriate to the therapy process. Research has shown that clients of animal assisted therapy experience emotional growth leading to an improved outlook on life. Buddy is a Certified Therapy Dog and co-therapist of Ann Meas. He is a Border Collie - Labrador mix. Buddy was trained through the Colorado Cell Dogs program where a prison inmate was responsible for all of Buddy's early training. He and Ann have passed their Certification with Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado and enjoy working as a therapy team.